Cancer Therapy & Arthritis Relief

Why is Shark Cartilage unique?

Sharks are unique, in that they do not have a bone structure as we know it.  Their internal
infra-structure is made up of only cartilage.  Cartilage in general contains certain proteins and
mucopolysaccarides, or a type of carbohydrate, which are thought to stimulate immune function
within the shark to combat diseases.  Some studies indicate that Shark Cartilage has the
highest effect of anti-angiogenesis in mammals.  This one attribute alone may have a direct
effect as to how certain anatomical anomalies will grow in the body.  In essence, it may prevent
a malignant growth from getting any blood, thus preventing its increase in size.

What does Shark Cartilage do?

Shark cartilage has the ability to destroy tumors by inhibiting the creation of new blood vessels
which nurture and sustain tumor growth.  Therefore, it helps cut off tumor blood flow, causing
the tumor to shrink rather than flourish.  The Shark Cartilage is able to do this without damaging
healthy tissues.

Shark Cartilage and Cancer

Cancers that depend on a system of blood vessels to survive are typically those that respond
well to Shark Cartilage therapy.  They include breast, cervical, pancreatic, prostate or ovarian
cancers. Those which do not depend on blood vessels for survival are inflammatory breast
cancer, Hodgkin's disease or leukemia, and are less likely to respond to this therapy.

Kaposi's sarcoma is a type of tumor that affects AIDS victims.  It does not respond to traditional
cancer therapy.  Dr. I. William Lane, author of Sharks Don't Get Cancer, believes that these
cancerous lesions are the very cells that Shark Cartilage inhibits, due to the heavy vessel

Shark Cartilage and Arthritis

Shark cartilage has been found to reduce pain of joint inflammation.  The abnormal creation of
tiny capillaries has been observed as rheumatoid arthritis unfolds.  This network of blood
vessels can eventually destroy the cartilage that cushions joints and significantly contribute to
the pain and joint destruction typical of arthritis.  Because Shark Cartilage works by inhibiting
the growth of these blood vessels, it may be a valuable supplement for arthritis sufferers.

Clinical Studies on Shark Cartilage

Two studies performed back in the 1980’s at Harvard and MIT showed that Shark Cartilage
contains a substance that significantly inhibits the development of blood vessels that nourish
solid tumors, thereby limiting tumor growth and preventing its spread.  More recently on March
26, 2001, AEterna Laboratories, a leading Canadian biotechnology company, reported that a
high dose of the company's oral Shark Cartilage product doubled the median survival time for
patients with refractory metastatic kidney cancer.  
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