What is Squalane?

Squalane is the natural, pure essential oil acquire from the livers of deep sea sharks
that live 1,000 meters below the sea surface.  The primary source of Squalane is the
Blue Shark.  How do Blue Sharks manage to live 1,000 meters below the sea
surface, with such great pressure, extremely low temperatures, and poor oxygen
supply?  The answer is the abundant supply of Squalane in their liver.  In this deep
sea world, oxygen concentration is nearly non-existent.  However, Blue Shark livers,
25-30% of their body weight, contain excessive Squalane, which provides them the
necessary oxygen for living.

Squalane's History

As early as 1607, Squalane has been widely used in China and Japan for medical
and cosmetic purpose.   For the past 100 years, Squalane is one of the very few
selected products that has been clinically proven for its cosmetic and medical value.  
It is completely free of any chemical additives.  

Squalane is 100% pure with no chemical additives

Squalane is not a cosmetic product.  It is an unprocessed raw material used in many
leading cosmetic skin care lines, which make the products viable.  While most skind
care products containing Squalane typically has 3-5% content, our Squalane is
100% concentration of pure, essential Squalane oil.  

Effect of decreased Squalane concentration to the surface of the skin

Youthful looking human skin contains 10-15% of Squalane oil, depending upon the
individual's age, sex, skin type, and other factors.  Teenage girls (age 12 to 19)
possess the highest percentage of Squalane oil in their skin, a little more than 11%
of the total lipid concentration.  This is the main reason why their skin is soft,
smooth, and beautiful.  However, the majority of the population after 20 years old
has an average of 5% Squalane concentration in their skin.  This is why after a
certain age, most people's skin start to appear dry, sallow, and lackluster.  But the
process of aging can be dramatically slowed down, with some help from one of
nature's most effective moisturizers, Squalane.

The secret to supple, radiant,
and beautifully luminous skin is.....
a constant supply of SQUALANE to the skin!  
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